Muniak Mulana

Muniak Mulana is future spirit.

Muniak Mulana is future spirit that has always been present.

Muniak Mulana is the origins, the constant, the pulse, the song.

The debut collaborative work between interdisciplinary artists  Neil Morris (DRMNGNOW) and Brent Watkins (Culture Evolves)  which will be expressed through mediums including dance, spoken word, and sound.

Muniak Mulana is a piece that begins in precolonial times and documents the journey of Morris and Watkins in a meeting of Yorta Yorta, river water man and Gunai Kurnai, salt water man embodying place and generations from pre colonial, to first contact, to present and into the post apocalyptic. The piece touches on themes relating to dispossession of Indigenous peoples, assimilation policy, apocalyptic genocide, whilst also expressing intergenerational resilience with strong Indigenous sovereignty undertones.

Created and performed by Neil Morris and Brent Watkins

Produced by Deadly Fringe producer Laila Thaker

Image by Jen Tran



Sept 11 – 16



Tue, Wed 6.30pm | Thu, Fri, Sat 7.30pm | Sun 4pm

Approx running time:

50 min


La Mama Courthouse, 349 Drummond St, Carlton


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Full $30 | Concession $20

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