BIPOLAR KARAOKE is a one woman autobiography of bipolar disorder revealed through character and costume, storytelling and symptoms, and a multiplicity of karaoke performances.

“At this point let’s revisit one of the unfinished shows that I started years ago. This show was all abstract characters from my interior world, I wasn’t even in it at all.” 

 A writer reads her script to you as she writes it. An autobiography of bipolar disorder and a voice lost then found. It is told through character and costume, storytelling and symptoms and voiced in a wide range of karaoke performances. Fragments of lost scripts and songs from the interior/exterior world weave a personal history which ultimately unravels into the truth of the present moment.

Written and Performed by Spescha Barakat

Creative Consultant Francesca Sculli

Lighting Designed and Operated by Ari Sharp

Audio Visual Kirsty Letts

Image by Aris Huang



Nov 9th



Fri 6.30pm

Approx. 60 minutes


Brunswick Neighbourhood House: 43A DECARLE STREET, BRUNSWICK, 3056

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Full $15 Concession $10

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