UNCLE VANYA is an intimate, site-specific, durational new version of Chekhov’s classic play, produced by La Mama in collaboration with Bagryana Popov, supported by La Trobe University.

A groundbreaking version of Anton Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya… the fourth wall of traditional theatre resoundingly broke down as the audience perched amid the action, inside and out.

– Norie Nemark, Real Time on Uncle Vanya in Avoca

Uncle Vanya is the first environmentalist play. Written over 100 years ago, it is every bit relevant today. The character Dr. Astrov says: ‘Forests are disappearing, rivers are running dry… the climate is spoiled…’  – words which resonate with growing urgency. The play, subtitled A Portrait of Country Life in Four Acts, depicts the lives of its characters – the economic difficulty of living on the land, isolation, tensions around property and family inheritance, resilience, and deep family bonds. The themes of the play resonate strongly with contemporary issues of people living in regional New South Wales.

Performed over two days, Uncle Vanya is an immersive experience that dissolves the division between audience and performers, as they move through the rooms and grounds of Bundanon. It is funny, magical and profoundly moving, bringing the world of the play to life in the present moment. Between the acts, audience members can speak to the characters as they go about their lives. They will be invited to attend several tasks presented about the history of the house and the local areas. They also have time to explore the local area.

Where so much art allows us to bid farewell to the flesh, durational works forcibly remind us that we are bodies in a shared space

John Bailey, The Age

Written by Anton Chekhov

Adapted & directed by Bagryana Popov

Performed by James Wardlaw, Natascha Flowers, Todd MacDonald, Liz Jones, Olena Fedorova, John Bolton, Richard Bligh and Meredith Rogers

Dramaturgy by Maryanne Lynch

Sound design by Elissa Goodrich

IN REGIONAL VICTORIA, Eganstown, APRIL 14 & 15, 2018



  • Please note the audience will be split in two for Acts 2, 3 and 4. Audience will be allocated their time slots at Act 1.
  • Between acts there will be various optional events including talks from local farmers/historians/home-owners (details TBC) and local walks.
  • This performance involves walking around the estate and surrounding land. Please contact us with access requirements.

Corinella: 3851 Midland Highway, Eganstown

This weekend performance of Uncle Vanya was performed at Corinella, Eganstown (near Daylesford) in 2016. The ideal location, sold-out season and beautifully hospitable home owner Kate Quinlan, enticed us back for another performance in 2018.

  • Please note this is about 10 minutes out of Dalesford where a range of accommodation is available. For some inspiration visit: HERE
  • Meals and accommodation are not included in this ticket price.
  • Please note shoes will need to be taken off inside at all times.

For more information, please contact Caitlin:, (03) 9347 6948



533 Bundanon Rd, Illaroo, NSW 2540

Bundanon, located near Nowra, New South Wales, was the home of painter Arthur Boyd. Bundanon was donated to the people of Australia by Boyd in 1993, and is now a constantly evolving studio space for artists and writers.

See Bundanon Trust’s website for more information: HERE

  • Please note for this performance twin-accomodation will be provided on the Saturday night at Bundanon’s Riversdale (170 Riversdale Road, Illaroo, NSW 2540)
  • Each of the 4 Acts will take place at Bundanon (533 Bundanon Rd, Illaroo, NSW 2540)
  • Please note that the accommodation and performances are roughly 20 minute drive from each other.
  • Please follow the directions on the Bundanon website as google maps can leave you on the wrong side of the river!!
  • Dinner Saturday, breakfast Sunday and lunch Sunday will be provided. Please contact Caitlin ( with diet requirements
  • Please arrive by 2.45pm on Saturday April 21 and leave extra time to find. Please park in the signed public parking at the homestead. (where the caravans are)
  • Please note shoes will need to be taken off inside at all times.
  • It is possible to also stay the Sunday night at an additional cost. Please contact Caitlin is you are interested.
  • Please note we are also separately selling single act tickets to the Dress Rehearsal Thursday 19th and Friday 20th. This performance will be filmed. These tickets do not include any of the extra talks or weekend experiences and we cannot provide meals or accommodation on these days.

The project had a Creative Development in March 2014, and premiered its first full season in conjunction with the Castlemaine Arts Festival at The Avoca Project, Watford House, in 2015. Last year, it took place across the first two weekends of April in Steiglitz and Eganstown, two beautiful locations in regional Victoria.

Uncle Vanya at Bundanon has been generously supported by the Disciplinary Research Program in English and Theatre, Department of Creative Arts and English at La Trobe University, and by the Research Focus Area Transforming Human Societies, La Trobe University.



April 14 – 22



DAY 1:

Act 1: 3pm

Act 2: 8.45 and 10 pm

DAY 2:

Act 3: 12.30pm and 1.45pm

Act 4: 4.45 and 5.45

*The play will be performed over two days.


Tickets Info/

EGANSTOWN $120 includes 4 acts

BUNDANON $280 includes 4 acts plus food and accomadation

BUNDANON Rehearsal price is per act

Full $30 | Concession $20

Phone Booking/

03 9347 6142