DRAMATIC REACTION: A Theatrical Lampoon

Dramatic Reaction is a fun and frivolous lampoon on the making of live theatre. Having completed the Masters in Writing for Performance at VCA in 2016, Samsara invites you all to the debut public reading of her most significant work to date. A two act satire Moliere would be proud of, Dramatic Reaction opens up a hidden world of theatre making.

A young director and a feminist playwright team up with a Shakespearean icon and reality TV star to devise a hit new show. The only problem – none of them have a clue what they are doing. So who you gonna call? Plato!

With the help of The Poetics the team battle on as an eagle-eyed entertainment reporter tries to bring the whole thing crashing down around their ears.

Written by Samsara Dunston 

Performed by Shane Grant, Scott Knight, Jaclyn Lombardo, Renee Palmer, Gabrielle Savrone, Fiona Scarlett


Feb 12 & 13



 Mon, Tues 7.30pm

Aprox. 2 hours


La Mama Courthouse 349 Drummond St, Carlton


Tickets Info/

All tickets $10

Phone Booking/

03 9347 6142