This production is an early development of a new work

A genderqueer adventure story about the ways that rage can galvanize and destroy us.

“I feel the way bank robbers must feel just before they go out on that last big job that ends up getting them all killed.  That is to say, optimistic.”

 Lockpick Pornography is a genderqueer adventure story adapted from the novella of the same name, a darkly humorous exploration of queer political vigilantism and the way that anger can galvanise and destroy us. The unnamed narrator and his friends take radical action against right wing politicians out for queer blood, kidnapping a “family values” politician’s young son and departing through the suburban jungle on foot, looking for mayhem.


Bryant combines camp humour, soul-baring revelation, distilled insight and hard-won wisdom. Gay men will find much to recognise in this deeply personal introspective.

Cameron Woodhead (of Bryant and Palackic’s Intoxication, 2017).

Adaptor/Performer: Christopher Bryant

Director/Dramaturg: Emma Palackic

After the book by Joey Comeau

Photography by Sarah Walker



Jan 17 – 21



 Wed 6.30pm | Thu, Fri, Sat 7.30pm | Sun 4pm

Approx. 1 hour


La Mama Courthouse 349 Drummond St, Carlton


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