Ella Filar’s KROWS BAR KABARET presents:

A self-confessed Internet addict hooked on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, Grindr and Youtube descends into the Internet Inferno. Desperate to log out he tries to get into the 12 Steps Recovery Program but doesn’t know the correct password.

 Accidentally he stumbles on Krows Bar Kabaret – a special branch of wildly subversive White Hat Hackers. This cacophonous collection of vulgar, grotesque, sexy and sublime singers and musicians break into his Windows, penetrate his Profile and crash the system.

What happens next will mess with your head “virtually” more than The Bible, Koran, Torah and ABC News all rolled into one.

….all the songs and the music are world class with that smoky, jagged, disturbing Weimar feel.. Promising politically and socially charged “Kabarat with a ‘K’

– Stagewhispers


Linda Cookson, Anthony Winnick , Chris Molyneux, Joanna Millet,

Martin Zakharov ( Sax, Clarinet)  Rudolf Dombrovski ( Violin )

Projections/Graphic Design: Olivia Laskowski, John Vivian Jenkin 

Image credit: Miranda Troynar



June 26 – July 1



Wed 6.30pm | Thurs, Fri, Sat 7.30pm | Sun 4pm

**PREVIEW TUES 26TH 6.30pm**

Approx. 60 minutes


La Mama Courthouse 349 Drummond St, Carlton


Tickets Info/

Full $30 Concession $20

For more information/

03 9347 6142