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A one hour vocal storytelling experience by voice artist, Charlotte Roberts as she takes us on an adventure into the spaces and connections between life and music.

An invitation to travel alongside Charlotte through known and unknown vocal territories; Vocal Digs is an unearthing of forms beyond form and an engagement with the edge of imagination, presence and experiencing; meeting with the internal stirring and intimate expanse that music offers us.

In 2017, Emerging out of Charlotte’s vocal art residency; Dwelling in Voice; these vocal explorations are a home for transformation, exchange and the discovery of uncharted digs around relationships, identity, body, life, art, health, home and human-being.

Through an inquiry into the spaces and connections between improvisation and song form, Vocal Digs offers you a ride into a meaning-making work-in-progress.

recommended for mature audiences- may contain explicit language and themes

Written, composed & Performed by Charlotte Roberts

Directed by Danielle Cresp in 2017 for La Mama Theatre’s Explorations Season. Danielle contributed a depth of listening, sensing, body-voice play and commitment to the development and artistic vision of Vocal Digs; Providing support for it to continue to unfold and transform.

Outside eyes 2018: Kevin Jeynes, Susan Bamford-Caleo, Carolyn Connors and John Howard.

Image by Scott Wilson & Chris Liddell

Sound Design by Tom Thompson







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