The Bachelor S17 E5

A verbatim episode of The Bachelor live on stage.

An actual episode of The Bachelor (as seen on television) performed for you and your companions verbatim by a posse of living breathing human beings. Live! Real! Really real. Realer than reality television. Bear witness as we (armed with nothing but a transcript of a reality television show and our imperfections) prove that love is not just for the young, white, thin and hetero.

Morgan Rose is a biting new name in the Melbourne playwriting community

5 stars

Time Out Melbourne, on Virgins and Cowboys

Company: the B.O.T.S.

Director/Creator: Katrina Cornwell

Writer/Creator: Morgan Rose

Lighting Design: Georgie Wolfe

Performers: Natesha Somasundaram, John Marc Desengano, Precious Cargo, George Lingard, Rebecca Catalano, Sarah Conroy, Maggie Brown, Polly Sara, Joana Pires and more surprise guests.

Photo by Jack Zapsalis   

Graphic Design by Steven Mitchell Wright



July 4 – 15



Wed & Fri 6.30pm | Thu & Sat 8.30pm | Sun 4pm

Approx. 60 minutes


La Mama Theatre 205 Faraday St, Carlton


Tickets Info/

Full $30 Concession $20

For more information/

03 9347 6142