Challenger depicts the disturbing true events which led to the Space Shuttle Challenger launch disaster. Informed closely by primary sources including the Presidential Commission.

Challenger is set in a conference room on the eve of the launch in which engineers seek to cancel the launch and management seek to approve it. In an age of ‘post-truth’, the play explores how hard facts and figures can be manipulated to suit commercial and political ends and the fatal consequence of demagoguery in leadership.  The play is set in real-time during a call between NASA and its contractors which really happened. 

Shocking, funny, beautiful and enormously enlightening

(Five Stars) Review of Tripped Evan Young, The Music

Written by Nick Musgrove

Directed and Produced by Nick Musgrove and Rhett Hughes



April 28



Sat 2pm

Aprox. 60 min


La Mama Theatre 205 Faraday Street, Carlton


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All tickets $10

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03 9347 6142