A cycle of song not sung but spoken with bits of sound from the living room

Anarchic, poetic, and semi-autobiographical, Pancake Opus captures the isolation of modern life. With sound creation and vocal manipulation by Raya Slavin, glowing design by Bronwyn Pringle, Emily Barrie and Morwenna Schenck and dramaturgy by Kerith Manderson-Galvin, Pancake Opus is a hilarious and tragic tribute to loneliness, anxiety, memory and the tyranny of hungry children with ‘audience participation of the best kind at the end’

Recreated from Pancake Opus 100 in 2015,

Made possible through many generous supporters via pozzible

This production contains language and adult themes and may not be suitable for children

By the end of the performance Long’s confident charismatic steering of the show has transformed her audience into a bunch of children eating if not out of her hand, well at least off her plate. 
Amelia Swan, Arts Hub
I was intrigued and kept engaged throughout with the clever use of space, props, sound, smell, lighting and audience participation right to the bitter sweet delicious end 
Elizabeth Semmel, Melbourne Observer

 The clinks, cracks, splashes and sizzles that ensue will trigger back-of-the-neck tingles, and there’s audience participation of the best kind at the end. 

Stephanie Liew: The Music

Funny, but more touching than funny 

Michael Brindley: Stage Whispers

Writer/ Performer: Sandra Fiona Long

Design: Bronwyn Pringle , Emily Barrie and Morwenna Schenck .

Sound Design and Composer: Raya Slavin.

Dramaturg:  Kerith Manderson-Galvin 

First developed with direction by Suzanne Ingleton 



May 30 – June 10



Wed & Fri 6.30pm | Thu & Sat 8.30pm | Sun 4pm


Approx. 60 minutes


La Mama Theatre  205 Faraday St, Carlton


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Full $30 Concession $20

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03 9347 6142