UPDATE: BULLY VIRUS, from the 23rd of May to the 27th of May times will remain the same but it will be moved to David Williamson Theatre, Melbourne Polytechnic 35 St John St, Windsor

Due to a devastating fire ripping through La Mama On Saturday the 19th of May Bully Virus was moved to Kathleen Syme Community Centre 251 Faraday Street, Carlton. All reports from cast and crew say the show went really well. Today Sunday the 20th of May the matinee at 4pm will be on at Kathleen Syme Community Centre. We hope to find a new venue next week keep tuned for updates.

A massive thank you to Kathleen Syme Community Centre for your support.

‘THE SHOW GOES ON! 7.30pm tonight, SAT 19th! Bully Virus! We are doing it sans lights, costumes etc with MUSIC at Kathleen Syme Centre 251 Faraday St Carlton- closer to Melb Uni than La Mama. COME HELP US PAY TRIBUTE TO LA MAMA TONIGHT. Probably doing it again tomorrow, Sunday, at 4pm, same venue. May be a new venue next week!’

-Kate Herbert, Writer & Director

Australia! Gold Medal Winner in Workplace Bullying!

Workplace bullying is the new virus and Australia is really good at it! We have one of the highest rates in the world! Proud?

Bully Virus is satirical, moving Verbatim Theatre with actors telling real people’s stories about workplace bullying. Many victims escape to new jobs, most take no action against bullies, some seek compensation. However, bullying claims are frequently denied which compounds the victim’s indignity and anxiety.  

Bully Virus does not try to tell everyone’s story or even the worst stories, but it shows that, despite myriad anti-bullying initiatives, workplace bullying is alive and well – and hurting workers.

Cast: Jenny Lovell, Carole Patullo, Geoff Wallis

Director: Kate Herbert

Script: Developed by director & cast from research & interviews

Musician: Anna Durham

Stage Manager: Jacinta Anderson




May 16 – 27



Wed 6.30pm | Thu, Fri, Sat 7.30pm | Sun 4pm

Approx. 75 min


David Williamson Theatre, Melbourne Polytechnic  35 St John Street, Windsor


Tickets Info/

Full $30 Concession  $20

Phone Booking/

03 9347 6142