Two Old Pros brings together the remarkable talents of two of Australia’s puppet elders in a double-bill of adult works.

Some Remarks Upon the Remarkable Art of Falconry presented by the side-splittingly funny Dennis Murphy, is a parody inspired by watching falconry displays at Medieval festivals. He says, “It was all taken so seriously, it cried out for a satirist.” Odd and fabulous, Some Remarks Upon the Remarkable Art of Falconry will bend your brain and your funny-bone alike.

Loved across the world for his extraordinary shadow works, Richard Bradshaw will present his rarely-seen adult work More Bradshaw’s Shadows.  Poignant, funny and with a touch of irreverence, this is a rare opportunity to see one of the late Jim Henson’s favourite artists at work.

A show NOT to be missed.

Age range; Adult (12 years and up)

Show Credits:

More Bradshaw’s Shadows.  Created and performed by Richard Bradshaw

Some Remarks Upon the Remarkable Art of Falconry Written and performed by Dennis Murphy, Puppets by Steve Axtell and Sydney Puppet Theatre

Photography/Image credit:

More Bradshaw’s Shadows: Eileen Blumenthal and Margaret Williams

Some Remarks Upon the Remarkable Art of Falconry: Helen O’Shea

“Murphy’s greatest strength as a performer is his unquestionable skill as a puppeteer and the depth of characterisation he achieves.”  – Lowdown Magazine

“Dennis Murphy is one of the world’s finest glove-puppeteers”    – L’Unità Newspaper, Rome, Italy

“There is no doubting this puppeteer’s experience and skill. The wit, the timing, the handling, and the immediacy of his responses to the audience  reflect  a machinery well-honed.”- The Australian Puppeteer Magazine

Bradshaw’s Shadows, a revue of shadow-puppet skits, is internationally renowned ––  and it’s a gem that should be required viewing for anyone wishing to act or direct in the theatre.” – Eileen Blumenthal in AMERICAN THEATRE [N.Y.] September, 2008.

“Bradshaw is especially noted as a master of shadow puppetry and is probably Australia’s  most widely-recognised and acclaimed international puppeteer…”  – Peter J. Wilson and Geoffrey Milne in The Space Between. (Sydney:  Currency Press, 2004) p.7

“Really successful contemporary shadow shows are few and far between.  The most famous and completely successful is probably that of Richard Bradshaw, an Australian with a keen sense of humour and a gift of presentation which has brought him international fame.” – John Wright in Rod Shadow and Glove (London: Robert Hale, 1986), p.149

“There have been some outstanding Australian puppeteers since the pioneering days of Joan and Betty Rayner, of the Austraian Children’s Theatre, but few have entertained so many with such engaging simplicity as has Richard” – David Hough in The West Australian, April 14, 2008.



JULY 6 – 8



Thu-Sat 8pm

Approximately 60 minutes


La Mama Courthouse 349 Drummond St, Carlton


Tickets Info/

All Tickets $20

Phone Booking/

03 9347 6142