Is that you Monk? she said… Monk O’Neill lurking in the dark?
Who else?

Jack Hibberd changed the way we think about ourselves as Australians. His creations haunt our subconscious, be they erudite larrikins, melancholy lotharios, idealists, fascists, masochistic monsters or elegant sadists. They traverse landscapes hitherto un-used to housing dramas of such Baroque profusion or forensic existentialist despair. Hibberd transmutes the detritus of daily Australian life into holy relics and with them stages extraordinary pageants of damnation and redemption.

It’s my birthday.
Precise to the night. This calls for a wake.

‘Jack Hibberd’s play Three Old Friends opened La Mama 50 years ago. His masterpiece A Stretch of the Imagination is one of the cornerstones of the Australian theatrical canon. My own journey in theatre owes a great debt to La Mama, and even more to Hibberd. By the age of 28 I had directed ten productions of his plays, of which four were premieres. Stretch (2017) is my response to all these histories: it is a scream, a pun, a birthday present, a homage, an archaeological dig, and an escape plan.’

Daniel Schlusser presents an installation work across La Mama theatre and courtyard, using mixed media including the text of A Stretch of the Imagination by Jack Hibberd.

With contributions from artists including: James Paul, Emma Valente, Edwina Wren, Bernard Caleo, Sophie Ross, Greg Fryer, Romanie Harper



JULY 22 – 23


Sat & Sun 7pm – 9pm

Courtyard can be visited between 7 – 9pm.

In-theatre installation view-able in ten minute intervals between 7pm and 9pm (bookings essential).


La Mama Theatre 205 Faraday St, Carlton

Tickets Info/

Full $10 Concession $5

Phone Booking/

03 9347 6142