The show, Dreamer, is part of a series of exquisitely produced and engaging pieces of black light puppet theatre. ‘Dreamer’, the main character, is a brave, curious, childlike creature who travels, while asleep, in a magic bed. In this adventure the bed runs away, leaving Dreamer to experience  a world in which everyday objects and actions take on the surreal texture and possibility of dreams.  Dreamer makes unusual friends and has great fun in his unpredictable world. Accompanied by an original sound track by Melbourne composer, John Grant, this is  puppet theatre to inspire the imagination for  all age groups.   Created and performed by Richard Hart Music by John Grant Photography/Image credit:   Richard Hart   “Mesmerising Puppet Beauty” The Adelaide Advertiser review  Patrick McDonald Adelaide Fringe Festival – 5 stars.  (Dreamer in the Deep) “Puppeteer Extraordinaire “  The Adelaide Theatre Guide  – Five Star review, Fringe Festival February,  2013 “Such beauty, such humour, such dramatic tension….a masterpiece of     entertainment and artistic expression.”   Gil Brealey, A.O   (all three Dreamer Productions)





Wed-Thu 10am Approximately 40 minutes


La Mama Courthouse  349 Drummond St, Carlton

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All Tickets $10

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03 9347 6142