Simple Mechanisms Workshop (Saturday 8 July 10am – 1pm) Under the stewardship of Philip Millar from Creature Technology Company, this workshop is for anyone who wants to build a puppet beyond a basic design. Philip will explore with participants the basic principles behind any mechanism. After this workshop, participants should be able to successfully make any puppet mechanism such as an ‘eye blink’ or ‘wrist movement’ etc.

Cambodian Shadow Puppets Workshop (Saturday 8 July 1pm – 5pm) Invited especially by the Melbourne Festival of Puppetry, Sorn Soran is an outstanding shadow puppet maker from Cambodia. Sorn is the founder of Bambu Puppets, a contemporary shadow puppet company using traditional techniques to tell modern stories. Sorn will guide participants through  traditional Cambodian puppet making methods using cured leather as well as giving us an understanding of the holistic approaches Cambodian people have in making things, influenced heavily by Buddhist practices.  

Puppetry and Performance Techniques Workshop (Sunday 9 July 10am – 1pm) In this three hour workshop presented by Adam Bennett ,participants will cover focus, breath, impulse and reaction, illusions of thought and emotion, balance and articulation. Also covered is how to control and direct the puppeteer’s physical energy and attention to work both as a performer/presenter and maintain a puppets life and energy as well as some tips on devising and creating work using puppetry as a starting point. As well as being a performer of international reputation, Adam Bennett was also the puppetry tutor at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (UK).

Exploring digital workflow for Puppet Design and Making (Sunday 9 July 1pm – 4pm) Facilitated by Philip Millar from Creature Technology Company, this workshop requires a basic proficiency with computers and the fundamentals of puppet design and making. The workshop introduces the practicalities of these new digital tools for both rapid prototyping and concept development as well as the construction and manufacture of finished pieces. Using digital software, participants will investigate scanning and digitising existing puppets and sculpts and manipulation of digital sculpts and how to output files for 3D printing or laser cutting. Please bring own laptop or tablet, if possible.  

The workshop program is proudly sponsored by Creature Technology Company.                



JULY 8 – 9


Simple Mechanisms: Sat 10am Cambodian Shadow Puppets: Sat 1pm Puppetry and Performance Techniques: Sun 10am Digital Design: Sun 1pm Approximately 180 minutes.


Kathleen Syme Community Center 251 Faraday St, Carlton

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All tickets $60

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03 9347 6142