A man admits to murdering a girl with whom he was involved. Years have passed in which he has remained cloistered and her body unfound. By his confession, he stands on the brink of being condemned. His mother comes to visit him.

I heard the matchsticks jiggle in my pocket. I put my hand in and pulled out the pack. It had one remaining matchstick in and a gold earring.

 Here. I said.

She took it and said – Whose is it? Then her face paled and she said nothing only hid it within the folds of her hanky and stuffed it down her cleavage. I smiled and said,

If somebody would help me with this body I’d be grateful.

Writer: Lynn Preston

Dramaturge: Sue Ingleton

Actors: Bev Geldard and TBA

Image by John Rado




Nov 25



 Sat 2pm


La Mama Theatre 205 Faraday St, Carlton


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All tickets $10

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03 9347 6142