Heg and Alyss are unemployed and living in Alyss’ Dad’s old place. The house is above a bend in the road where there are many road accidents. Heg starts to think that maybe they can earn some kind of income from the accidents. Alyss is reluctant but goes along with it because they are broke. They link up with tow truck companies, providing them with accident details and when the accidents dry up they start finding ways to encourage accidents and then gain the confidence of the injured by running out and assisting them. It’s getting out of control when Alyss falls for Chris an injured motorcyclist and brings him home to Heg’s disgust. Heg resolves to get rid of him.

Written by: Bruce Shearer

Directed by: Elizabeth Walley

Cast includes: Isabella Gilbert, Mathilda Walley, Clare Larman, Alec Gilbert

Photography/Image credit: Isabella Gilbert


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Nov 4



 Sat 2pm

Approx. 40 min


La Mama Courthouse 349 Drummond St, Carlton


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All tickets $10

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03 9347 6142