On the outskirts of a village, an old woman lives, alone. Not fond of people, she only travels to town to do odd jobs and barter for food. One late afternoon, as darkness approaches, she throws caution to the wind, and takes a shortcut through the forest. Ignoring the warnings from the villagers of a resident, shapeshifting trickster. Suddenly on the path ahead, a mysterious pot appears, challenging the old woman with a game of trickery, and magic.

For young and older, The Strange Luck considers the ‘other’, the ‘outsider’; The fear they evoke in us, and the sweet surprises that can be ours, if we don’t runaway.

Based on the story The Lucky old woman by Robin Muller.

…delightfully quirky and subtly thought provoking work 

– Bethany Simmons, for Button 2013, AUSSIE THEATRE

At one moment, Carole Patullo is a hunched old man in black robes, the next she’s playing a perky wife in a pink frock… It’s a delicious moment of self consciousness.

Chris Boyd, for The Merry Wives of Windsor 2016 THE AUSTRALIAN

Devised and performed by Carole Patullo

Lighting design by John Collopy

Sound design by Anna Durham

Costume design by Madi Mccarthy

Song by Jane Bayly

Image by Ariel Johnson



Dec 8 – 10



 Fri 6.30 | Sat 8.30 | Sun 6.30

Approx. 45 min


La Mama Courthouse 349 Drummond St, Carlton


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All tickets $15

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03 9347 6142