Chronic is a Conspiratorial Comedy or a Comedy of Conspiracy or an homage to a History Teacher obsessed with Dr Strangelove or the Recapitulation of time spent on nightshift looking up 911 videos. Inside Job. Chronic is partly set within the subterranean world of Melbourne, including that little train place in Eltham. It involves a character based on a mash of Mick Dundee and David Icke. The female characters have rhyming names. Nuclear war is dealt with – wittily. Cricket is mentioned – tragically. Chronic is the first coherent work by Coburg playwright Milton and the directorial debut of David Sweeney. The play begins in a hardware store when Cliff Young, student of Law, meets Meaghan, student of humanity, born of eyes.

Playwright: Milton

Director: David Sweeney

Sound Design: Lee Stout



Nov 22 – 24



 Wed 6.30 | Thur 8.30 | Fri 6.30

Approx. 51 min


La Mama Courthouse 349 Drummond St, Carlton


Tickets Info/

All tickets $15

Phone Booking/

03 9347 6142

Download program: HERE

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