“These days”, usage of the word ‘truth’ is, more than anything else, a cover for deceit. Most of us know that its application is thick on the ground within the bowels of societal power groups. So-called ‘fake news’ is a pathetic badge for what has been taking place for yonks in our parliament, courts, media, real estate, religions, in schools, yes, and even our homes. This work responds to that fear of stepping over the line of our comfort zones. All of us are guilty of letting things slide and accepting that the misuse of the word in question and its accompanying words that also support its original meaning, as being OK. This intimate, challenging-for-all piece will excite, inspire and possibly cause anger for some. So be it!

Hope to see you as one of the fifteen members of the audience at one of the three sessions.

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An O.T.H.A.N. Company presentation

Devised, designed and directed by Lloyd Jones, in collaboration with The Ensemble

Image appropriated from a photograph by Darren Gill 



Nov 10 – 12



 Fri 7.30 | Sat 7.30 | Sun 7.30


La Mama Theatre 205 Faraday St, Carlton


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All tickets $15

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03 9347 6142

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