Inspired by Nicolai Gogol’s story The Overcoat, and Teolinda Gersão’s story The Red Fox Fur Coat. In Gersão’s fable, a ‘humble bank clerk’ pays for a gorgeous fur coat in instalments, and finds herself transforming. Wearing the coat at last, she drives away from the city, and makes her first leap as a wild animal ‘into the depths of the forest’.

But what happens to this creature if her first, joyous leap is thwarted?

A supernatural tale of encounter with the Australian wilderness, in which the remnant wilderness ‘answers back’ as a provocative chorus of three red foxes.

Undercoat celebrates the splendid versatility of the earth’s most widespread wild carnivore — and the shape-shifting powers of language at large.

‘It is so rare to see such boldly poetic and haunting work out there.’ – Marion May Campbell, on What the Fox ‘It’s visceral, it’s jam-packed with ideas, allusions to half the dramatic literature of the last five hundred years, pertinent, impertinent, deep and yet very, very funny.’ – 3MBS FM 103.5, on Care Instructions

Written by Cynthia Troup

Directed by  Bagryana Popov with Alice Darling

Performed by Caroline Lee, Emma Annand, Jean Goodwin and Maude Davey

Set and costume design by Emily Collett

Sound design by Elissa Goodrich

Lighting designer and stage manager: Georgia Rann

Project coordinator and assistant stage manager: Kelly Harris

Image by Daisy Noyes

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JUNE 7 – 18


Wed 6.30pm Thu 7.30pm Fri 7.30pm Sat 7.30pm Sun 4pm Approximately 60 minutes


La Mama Theatre

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Full $25 Concession $15

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03 9347 6142