An intimate and absurd performance about a woman who gets lost.

Inspired by Karen’s grandmother’s experience with Alzheimers, Ode attempts to remember someone who can no longer remember herself.

A tribute to the imagination and the vital place it holds for humour, fantasy and escapism.

Concept by Karen Sibbing

Co-created by Samara Hersch and Karen Sibbing

Directed by Samara Hersch

Performed by Karen Sibbing and Georgina Durham

Sound design and composition by Joost van Dijk

Produced by Pietjan Dusee and Esther Bruls

Image by Kim Pattiruhu

Partners: De NWE Vorst, Het Zuidelijk Toneel, Villanella, L’Avventura, The Book Kick

Ode premiered at De NWE Vorst Theatre in Tilburg, Netherlands in March 2016



MAY 31 – JUNE 4


Fri 8.30pm
Sat 6.30pm
Sun 6.30pm

Approximately 55 minutes


La Mama Theatre


Tickets Info/

Full $25 Concession $15

Phone Booking/

03 9347 6142